How to make your home more energy efficient


An energy efficient home could save you some money, and who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash? Here are a few tips to help you use energy more efficiently in your home, saving you some of your hard earned money.


1. Upgrade your Old Appliances

I know that it may sound counterproductive to the original point about saving money, but hear me out! If you upgrade your microwave and fridge now, it will benefit you in the long run, as Energy Star rated appliances use less energy, and so will bring your energy bills down.

2. Get Your Hands on Outdoor Solar Lights

If you like to sit in your garden in the evening with a nicely chilled beverage in hand and an ambient glow coming from your garden lights, why not try swapping electrical lights for a solar alternative? These lights are cost effective, and come in a variety of pretty designs. They charge during the day using energy from the sun, and come on at night with no additional charge for you.

3. Invest in Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great alternative energy source, and if they are situated on a roof facing towards the south, they can actually capture enough energy to supply your entire house with electricity. They come in a variety of tasteful designs, and although the initial investment may be a shock to the purse strings, the long term return can be incredibly satisfying.

4. Replace Your Incandescent Bulbs with Fluorescent Bulbs

Your old incandescent bulbs are inefficient and produce a substantial amount of heat. Switching to fluorescent bulbs is a better way to light your home, as they use a quarter of the energy that your current incandescent bulbs do, and they actually have a longer life – saving you money on your next energy bill!

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