SAP Energy Ratings - What are they all about?


What exactly are SAP ratings?

SAP ratings sound complicated, but in reality they can be relatively simple to understand. Here is a brief guide...

The acronym SAP stands for Standard Assessment Procedure, which is a procedure used to calculate how energy efficient a building is. All new buildings are required to have a SAP rating along with buildings that are undergoing major remodelling. This is a government created scheme, to encourage energy efficiency in homes.

How does the SAP work?

The Standard Assessment Procedure makes use of a scale from 1-120 based on the yearly energy costs for water heating, space and lighting as well as the carbon dioxide emission rate. There are several things needed in order to calculate the SAP rating for a property:
• Construction details, including U (heat loss) values
• The drawings of the building design
• Window and door details
• The boiler, hot water cylinder and control system information.

When all of the data has been collected, it is input into the authorised software by an accredited assessor, and a draft report is produced. If the building passes all of the criteria, an As-built final report is then given along with a Predicted Energy Performance Certificate and is submitted with the main application to building control before any building work has started.

If the project fails any of the criteria, it needs to be redesigned so that it complies with all of the regulations. Once it meets the regulation standards, the assessor is informed of any changes to the build and confirms that it now meets the standards. They then produce the As-built final SAP report, and the On Construction - Energy Performance Certificate (OC-EPC) if relevant, and then submit them to building control for the final sign off.

So there you have it, SAP energy ratings in a nutshell! Be sure to keep them in mind if you are thinking of renovating, or building a self-build home

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