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Self Build Homes

Interested in Self Build Homes? Let Block Architects Guide You Through The Process...



Self build homes are becoming increasingly popular and the designs available are as vast as the imagination. Many people have an idea of what their dream home will be like and investing in self build homes allows that dream to become a reality.


At Block Architects we take your ideas and deliver your vision. So whether you dream of a rural getaway in the highlands and islands, need a functional, modern home for your family’s city lifestyle or you want a self build, self styled home on a grand design we can make sure that you get the self build home of your dreams.


Our vast experience in self build homes means that wherever you are in Scotland we can help. So whether you are looking for self build homes in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Aberdeen, Block Architects can guide you every step of the way.




Listen as Kenneth Martin of Block Architects details his five top tips for self build homes.





Self Build Homes Top Tips



1.   Always ask your architect to come along and have a look at your plot of land before final purchase. As a layperson you may not be aware of certain issues such as overhead electrical wires that may require diverting, geographical concerns like tree belts, steep slopes or picturesque rivers that may be prone to flooding. All of these can be a cause for concern with the local planning department but your architect will be able to advise whether to go ahead or not.


2.   Prior to purchase you should ensure that the plot you are considering for your self build home has either detailed or outline planning permission or speak to your architect.


3.   A fully serviced plot means that utilities such as gas, water and electricity are capped off within the bounds of your proposed plot. If these services finish 500m down the road then you will have added expense having them diverted for your use.


4.   When considering a self build home some thought should be given to making it as eco friendly and green as possible. Future property prices may be affected by how green the build is. At Block Architects we use a SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) Calculator which is approved by the BRE (British Research Establishment) in order to meet and exceed current building control regulations. These calculations take into account the orientation of the plot, the amount of shade, size of the proposed house and heating and ventilation efficiency. 


5.    For self build homes a site investigation report is very important. This report will give you an idea of the condition of the ground and whether there is or has been in the past any contamination. For example was the plot once a petrol station or partial landfill site both of which would prove costly to correct. The report will also establish bearing pressures which can mean the difference between normal foundations or the added expense of mini piles.


These five key points are a foundation to start your self build dream with. Block Architects can manage every aspect of your project from beginning to end.


What We Do For You


At Block Architects we offer a full service in order to make the construction process as easy as possible for all our clients. From site selection and appraisal, planning permissions and building warrants, appointment of contractors and supervision on site, right through to bank monitoring and certification Block Architects are there for you every step of the way.


We can advise you about the carbon footprint of your project and construction methods including how to make it more eco friendly.


A full service to us means you don’t have to worry. We will manage the project on your behalf but will provide you with regular progress reports as your project develops.


Contact us today and start making your dream self build home a reality!


For more information or advice Contact us or call 01698 824333, to arrange your FREE Consultation or Get a Quote online here.


Here are a selection of some of the self build homes we have delivered for our clients...


Self build home       

Completed self build home in Motherwell                                                                                                   


self build home    

Completed self build home on Arran





Completed self build home in Fauldhouse



Completed self build home in Fauldhouse


Pictures Of A New Build In Progress...


 Week 1.

Site top soil is cleared and foundation trenches excavated and Inspected by the Architect to ensure suitable ground conditions in accordance with Structural Engineer's recommendations.  Contractor positions small timber pegs in the trench to mark the top of foundation level.







 Week 2.

Underbuilding positioned on site with adequate provision for solumn ventilation.  External leaf of blockwork terminated at dpc level to allow structural timber kit to be tied in at a later date.










Week 3

Foundation solumn slab now cast within underbuilding walls and site is ready for arrival of timber kit structure above.  Solumn construction comprising 75mm weak mix concrete on continuous taped dpm on 50mm sand blinding on min 150mm well compacted hardcore







Week 4.

Drainage runs excavated with pea gravel laid within trenches.  2 drainage pipes laid within trenches (1 for waste water and 1 for surface water).  Drainage will be pressure tested prior to backfill.  On this particular build the waste water is being fed to a bio disc prior to entering a local water course.





















 Week 5.

Floor joists now resting on wall plate with internal stud partitions laid flat internally ready for erection following the floor application.  Insulation still to be fitted between joits.










Week 5.

External Timber Partitions erected on site with 'insulated' breather membrane applied to the external kit.  Scaffolding being erected to first floor level ready for truss erection.











Week 5.

Trusses resting on the ground ready for lift onto the top of the timber kit walls.













 Week 7.

Internal first fix commenced on site including installatio of floor, insulation and doors and windows 














Week 7.

Roof and Scaffolding on and the whole frame is wind and water tight ready for external blockwork skin














 Week 8.

The front on a sunny day.  The blockwork is now finished ready for render coat.  Tiles on the roof are completed and flashed around the solar panels.













Week 9.

The rear on a sunny day.  Well it's sunny for Strathaven!