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Choosing your architect

It’s an important decision, so here’s how to make an informed choice.

Approaching an architect

Your property is likely to be your most important asset. Therefore, when you’re considering commissioning any type of work on it, of course you should pick someone you trust. Professional architects should always have a portfolio of their previous work you can browse, and should be happy to chat to you about their experience. We put all our prospective clients at ease during free inital consultations, and are more than happy to discuss our credentials and examples of our completed jobs.

Check their customer service record

Your architect should inform you that construction projects can be testing for everyone involved. A truly professional, tried and tested service will recognise that good communications between the whole design team and the client ensures the realisation of your vision. Choose an architect who operates on a full-communication policy and who will call, email or write a letter in order to keep you and the project team informed.

Choosing the right architect for your project

When it comes to designing a project, it’s more than just drawings on paper. The construction and delivery process of implementing designs is complex, and your architect should be upfront about these complexities. That said, a professional architect can smooth the way and deliver not only a great finished product, but additional added value. For example, at Block Architects we always offer to facilitate negotiations between local authorities, contractors, and our clients. An architect who takes responsibility for organising your contractor is worth their weight in gold, as they’ll then ensure that building works stay on plan with regards to time and money. Another thing to look out for is Professional Indemnity Insurance. This is important, as it means that you’re covered should anything go wrong. At Block Architects, our Professional Indemnity Insurance allows us to carry out full-site inspections, which means we can then report back to you.

Make sure they have contacts

Many architects work in isolation, especially those who are one-man operations. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but an architect must have sufficient professional contacts. Having a good network means that they can provide solutions for materials, labour and paperwork far more easily and cost-effectively. Making sure your architect has several years experience within your geographical area should indicate that they have the right connections for your project. The time and money saved by having an architect who knows their industry and the people in it is substantial. Here at Block Architects, our many years of experience and skilled team mean that we have accured a wealth of contacts, all of whom are at your disposal.

Check their case studies

References, portfolios, examples of work, testimonials… Information is power, and the more you know about your architect’s experience, the more comfortable you’ll feel in letting them design your dream property. Any architect who is reluctant or unforthcoming with their previous work should be avoided. To enquire about our previous experience, please contact us.

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