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Green Architecture

At Block Architects, Lanarkshire we pride ourselves in remaining at the forefront of sustainable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly architecture.

At Block Architects, we like to keep up to date with the latest trends in order to offer our clients the very best service we possibly can. Green architecture is a growing trend, and we are well placed to help you design, construct and realise your green building vision

What Is Green Architecture?

Green architecture is growing in popularity as more and more people see and understand the benefits of constructing sustainable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly buildings. By using the concepts of green architecture, houses and industrial spaces can be built so that they are not only in harmony with their surroundings, but can save money on heating, lighting and water bills.

From solar panels on the roof and small scale wind turbines, to recycling grey water (waste water from showers, baths and wash hand basins and rainwater harvesting, there are a wide variety of ways in which buildings and homes can become green.

Constructing a green building from scratch allows your architect to use thermal mass in the construction materials, add water recycling systems that reduce water usage and utilise locally sourced materials, thereby reducing transportation costs. At Block Architects, our full communication policy means that we are able to listen to our clients wants and needs, and translate them into well designed, environmentally friendly, energy efficient buildings that are in complete harmony with their locations.

We have no doubt that green architecture is the future, and we look forward to helping you turn your vision of living in harmony with our planet into a reality.

Contact us today and let us show you how green architecture can save you money as well as save the environment.

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Residential Architecture

Home alterations can include garage conversions, attic conversions, single storey and double storey extensions, internal renovations and conversions.

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Whether you need proposals for a small or extensive housing development, Block Architects are experienced in designing & delivering premium-quality properties.

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As well as designing the layout and building aspects of your home, we are also pleased to offer interior design services. We pride ourselves on taking into consideration your lifestyle and the practical implications of our designs.

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Free consultation and fixed price garage conversion drawings

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Retail Developments

At Block Architects we understand the constraints of budget setting, and ensuring that your new venture can be delivered within that budget. We can design your new business premises to attract your market sector.

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Office Developments

You need to create a social environment which is designed specifically to your business and staff needs. Block Architects can assist you in several ways.

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Residential Developments

We design and deliver complex residential developments throughout Scotland. From conception to completion we ensure the smooth delivery of your residential development project.

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Attic & Loft Conversions

Block Architects deliver fixed-price attic conversion drawings at an affordable rate.

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