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Block Architects Products & Services

What sets Block Architects apart is our understanding that no two projects are the same.

We tailor every project to your individual requirements, and design our services around your needs. While most of our services are listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is something additional you’d like for your property. We’re always more than happy to go above and beyond for our clients, because we know that properties are as individual as you are.


Block Architects provide architect and building project services in Lanarkshire, Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland, please browse our products are services below.

Block Architects - Free Consultation

Free Consultation Form

Up to 2 hours of our free consultation time to assess your needs and advise you of the possibilities of your potential project or development, including advice on planning consent.

Block Architects - Residential Architecture

Residential Architecture

Home alterations can include garage conversions, attic conversions, single storey and double storey extensions, internal renovations and conversions.

Block Architects | Housing Development

Housing Developments

Whether you need proposals for a small or extensive housing development, Block Architects are experienced in designing & delivering premium-quality properties.

Block Architects | Interior Design

Interior Design

As well as designing the layout and building aspects of your home, we are also pleased to offer interior design services. We pride ourselves on taking into consideration your lifestyle and the practical implications of our designs.

Block Architects | Garage Conversions

Garage Conversion

Free consultation and fixed price garage conversion drawings

Block Architects | Retail Developments

Retail Developments

At Block Architects we understand the constraints of budget setting, and ensuring that your new venture can be delivered within that budget. We can design your new business premises to attract your market sector.

Block Architects | Office Developments

Office Developments

You need to create a social environment which is designed specifically to your business and staff needs. Block Architects can assist you in several ways.

Block Architects | Residential Developments

Residential Developments

We design and deliver complex residential developments throughout Scotland. From conception to completion we ensure the smooth delivery of your residential development project.

Block Architects | Attic and Loft Conversion

Attic & Loft Conversions

Block Architects deliver fixed-price attic conversion drawings at an affordable rate.

Block Architects | Self Build Homes

Self-Build Homes

Interested in building your own home? Block Architects will guide you through the process.

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